Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is my first attempt at a blog.  this blog i hope will help me get off my butt and do some modeling/gaming for All Things Zombie.  i got the main rule book for the game a few years ago, and played a couple quick games to try it out and i loved it,  then work and kids got me sidetracked and i hadnt done anything with it since.  but now the kids are a few years older, and i feel after my move i can get some serious work done on this game.  ive gotten some world works games terrain and plan to put some of that together and get a board set up to play a campaign soon. i have some of the wargames factory zombies, and still need to get some survivors.  but i hope i stick with this blog and share some experiences with whoever reads.


  1. It all starts somewhere mate. Welcome.... To the land of the dead!!!

  2. thanks. the zombie apocalypse has begun for me.