Tuesday, June 21, 2011

some models

here are some of my models that i will be using in ATZ.  the zombies come from wargames factory. they came out pretty good i think for a quick paint up, i plan on using them more for filler zombies whenever, i want to get some good metal ones especially from studio miniatures i love those zombies on that site.  the girl is a quick survivor i made to play a game to try out the rules, she comes from AT 43 red block i forget the models name right now.

well there they are i have some work to do on them still, im still undecided on the bases so i havent done them and little stuff that the pics have shown.  but i hope to get a small game going soon to familiarize myself with the rules.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is my first attempt at a blog.  this blog i hope will help me get off my butt and do some modeling/gaming for All Things Zombie.  i got the main rule book for the game a few years ago, and played a couple quick games to try it out and i loved it,  then work and kids got me sidetracked and i hadnt done anything with it since.  but now the kids are a few years older, and i feel after my move i can get some serious work done on this game.  ive gotten some world works games terrain and plan to put some of that together and get a board set up to play a campaign soon. i have some of the wargames factory zombies, and still need to get some survivors.  but i hope i stick with this blog and share some experiences with whoever reads.